January 15, 2022

I Have a Dream

On Monday, we will remember the great Dr. Martin Luther King, perhaps known most for his famous “I have a dream” speech where he fought for freedom and equality amongst all, regardless of the color of their skin. Yesterday, I received a group text from my children’s school where they did their own “I have a dream” exercise, and their whiteboard was covered in items such as: Move to Alaska; Win the World Cup; Be a YouTuber; Go to Princeton to be the Next Michael Phelps and more. 


Their exercise reminded me of one of the greatest gifts that we as leaders, and entrepreneurs, have the privilege of living out – dreaming. Each and every day, we have the opportunity to look at our business and our company and to make a choice – to continue forward as we always have or as we are right now or to reimagine and dream of what it could look like in the future. If I was a betting woman, I’d bet that most of us spend our time focusing on what we are doing and not nearly enough time on dreaming about what could become. 


If we were to take a look back of some of the largest pivot points in our company, moments that changed who were were and moved us into a different direction – each of them came from a dream. In 2015, there was a dream to reimagine our company’s footprint – from that dream, we moved westward, we created opportunities for new team members to join our team; for new partners to benefit from our service; for new companies to become competitors and for new opportunities for personal growth. If that dream never happened our company would look noticeably different. I am confident we are not the only one. 

What if we all still did things the way they were done 50 years ago? The automobile wouldn’t look anything like it does today. TV would still be black and white. We wouldn’t have computers, smart phones or social media. Processes would take longer. Procedures would be more manual. And for us, we’d be doing settlements by hand on the East Coast of the USA. 

Dreams will become defining moments and will set into action plans to move our companies and our leadership forward. Unless we stop and focus on what might happen if we change nothing will ever be different and so many possibility will be unexplored. This week, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, I remind all of you to stop and to dream. Dream about how your business could change; dream about where your business could be; and dream about how your leadership might make an impact. I know you’re all busy, so my challenge is this. Find 2 hours, every week, to dream. Schedule it in your calendar and think about what you could accomplish as a leader if you looked at something differently; dream about how you could change your company; strategize on the impact that you will make on the world.

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I Have a Dream

January 15, 2022 On Monday, we will remember the great Dr. Martin Luther King, perhaps known most for his famous “I have a dream” speech

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