Lindsay's Philosophy:



Having spent over 300 nights on the road since 2016 working to grow and expand Title Alliance into new territories, Lindsay learned quickly that textbook leadership isn’t a thing. As such, Lindsay spent time learning through coaches, mentors and peer groups. One thing has remained true, regardless of how challenging the situations become, gratitude and positivity always win.

About Lindsay:

As Chief Strategy Officer for Title Alliance, Lindsay focuses on developing strategies to strengthen their family of companies and to position them for success. Her emphasis is on overall growth, communication and strategic development from both a corporate and joint venture perspective. Lindsay works closely with partners during the sales cycle to assure cultural alignment and the proper expectations are set and executed upon.


Since 2016, under Lindsay’s strategic leadership, Title Alliance’s Western Division has increased by over 700% in profits. Lindsay graduated from LaSalle University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and English Writing.


This blog is a collection of and reflection on real life leadership situations and some of the lessons learned along the way.

Day by Day

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I Have a Dream

January 15, 2022 On Monday, we will remember the great Dr. Martin Luther King, perhaps known most for his famous “I have a dream” speech